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Monday, October 18, 2010

Collagen; drinks that promise to fight the ageing process‎!

Hi peeps!

It's been a while from my last post. Well, time flies and still counting. I'm quite concern about how I look as I've almost reach 30 in few years time. I noticed some fine lines around my eyes area, a bit of a loose skin and really dry skin. Sigh...Well, I guess taking some Collagen supplement and a good skin care regime will help slow down the aging process. Not that I want to have a sweet 16 look, but I hope to age gracefully--slowly..Hehe...OK...back to the collagen drink I'm about to write here. So now, within these few months I've tried 3 brands. Now here's the review.

The 1st brand I drank was Fabula Collagen Max, from Japan. This beauty drink contains 9,000 mg of collagen hydralysate from deep sea cod and I must tell you, I LOVE IT! When I 1st bought it, it came along with 2 Free bottles of Procenta; which contains Horse Placenta. Yes, it's from horse placenta. At first I was skeptical about it, but I tried it and it's delicious! Lemon-ed flavour! But the second time I bought it, the Free Procenta was being replaced with CollagenMax. Actually, Procenta is much expensive than Collagen Max. It cost RM188 for Procenta. You know this placenta stuff is kinda hard to get, that's why!

Fabula CollagenMax contains vitamin C, a key ingredient to stabilize skin collagen and functioning and a highly effective antioxidant, and it also contains vitamin B1, B2 and B6 to help build body tissues and aids in the metabolism, giving energy to the body and keep one's skin healthy.

And for this I've been taking it for about 2 months. I noticed after about 3 weeks of collagen, my skin is more moisturized as I have dry skin cuz I sleep and work in air-conditioning room. I'm so happy that I'm able to put on my make up easily without having dry patches.

The Fabula Collagen Max cost RM148 from Caring Pharmacy, which is the cheapest at the moment compared to other pharmacies. Well,for me after I bought these 2 months supplies, I decided to look for other brands. To me, it's still a bit pricey for me to drink it every month.

So my second brand that I've used is Kitsui RTD Marine Collagen. It contains 6000mg of Marine Collagen. The collagen content is much lesser compared to Fabula Collagen Max hence price is cheaper. I bought it from Watsons at RM79.90 if not mistaken. For the taste...hmmmm...I'll describe and let you decide! Yes, it has a grape flavour there, but when you sip, it smells fishy...I mean the fish smell la! I know it's from the sea..but I just can't STAND it! and as the liquid glides down the throat, there's a tingling sensation---like a mild acid feeling kind of thing. And because of that I can't wait to finish the whole box (don't get me wrong; though it's fishy,I don't waste it la) and start to hunt for other brands.

As for now, I'm having Lennox Firm Up Collagen drink---just started last week. I hope it's even more effective,cuz it contains CoQ10 somemore, only selling RM74.90 in Caring Pharmacy for now and comes with 2 bottles Free! Original price is RM79.90.

Though it's only 5000mg of Collagen, but I like the taste. It has a sweet grape flavour and for the 1st bottle, it'll be a very very very... slightly fishy taste (if you've got sensitive taste bud, you might taste it)...Trust me, just a bit only and soon you get used to it! I've already taken the 7th bottle. What i love most about this product is that, it contains Co Enzyme Q10 & Vitamins. These natural ingredients work in unison with the Collagen, which is 100% water soluble due to its low molecular weight. This gives better digestibility and absorption by our body!

Well if you want to splurge, I would recommend Fabula CollagenMax, as it has higher content of collagen. But for me, I'll just stick to Lennox Firm Up Collagen and see any improvements or not. Oh btw, as far as I've searched high and low, up and under, over mountain over seas...kekeke... The highest content of collagen I found was from Sasa, FCup Collagen with 10000mg! and it think they are selling at RM188.00 if not mistaken.

That's all for now! Remember, for first time user try on 1 bottle a day for 10days to replenish the loss of collagen in previous years and then try to maintain at 1 bottle every 2-3 days.

*Review solely based on my personal opinions.



  1. Im not a seafood lover especially fish, i cant found any fishy smelly or taste in kitsui even im quite sensitive with fishy smell

    im still consume kitsui cos the visible result and affordable prices
    and i notices other brand have the sugar contain, kitsui rtd nope

    only share my experience ya :)